Michael Nestor

Michael founded Change Insights after a successful 35 year career as an executive and change practitioner.   

The concept behind the company is to offer consulting services which take advantage of the insights acquired over that 35 year career. His expertise in the area of organizational change  is recognized on a global scale.

With a wide range of industry experience, Michael understands what it means to be a trusted adviser.  He is a master at facilitation and using experiential activities to increase engagement and organizational success.

A frequent speaker at various global forums and conferences, Michael was a guest lecturer at Yale University.  Michael is also a Master Instructor for Prosci teaching change management to hundreds of professionals.


Change Insights provides the insights and experience of the large consulting firms without the infrastructure cost.  You also get hands on expertise  in every aspect of the engagement. 

Whether your organizational challenge includes a large scale change or you are looking for change management training to prepare for change.  Change Insights will provide a targeted customized solution that will fit your need. 

Organizational Insights 



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