Communication Workshops 

The most identified skills lacking among newly hired employees today is face to face communication skills and critical thinking.  These communication workshops have been designed to specifically target those skill areas. Plus provide more advanced workshops that target dialogue and story telling. The workshops can be customized for teams or offered for groups.  Peter Senge in his seminal work, The Fifth Discipline identified team learning as one of the five disciplines critical for organizational success.  Senge describes the art of dialogue as the vehicle for team learning.  The art of the dialogue and the effective use of stories are becoming lost in our increasingly technical age of texting and email.         

The Art of Conversation

This workshops targets the skills of conversation. Such things as the initial engagement, listening, observation, reflection and the gift of sharing thoughts, perspectives and the very important role of recognizing non verbal signals that are at the root of empathy. This workshop is designed to bring back the personal interaction that is often lost in our high technology world. 

The Critical Conversation 

Critical thinking is at the root of good decision making and innovation.  This workshop takes the principles of conversation and adds the component of critical thinking. When you infuse critical thinking into a conversation you get a critical conversation that that will result in better decision and more innovation. This workshop will develops the skills and framework of the critical thinking process and provides the lots of practice that is necessary to begin to embed this into your organizational or team culture.  

The Art of Dialogue

Inspired by the work of Peter Senge, this workshop will build on the concepts developed in the conversation workshops and take the next step to use those principles for team (and individual)learning.  This moves successful communicators away for trying to "win" but to a place of reflection an learning.  This simple concept is often a difficult paradigm shift for those considered effective communicators. Applying this model, everybody wins.   

The Art of the Story 

Provides a basic structure and lots of practice to develop the art of story.  Participants will learn the use of imagery and metaphor to enhance their message.  Application to all types of communications.  Workshop can be customized to meet your specific needs. Two hour, four hour and full day versions are available.  Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser. 

Organizational Insights 



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