Role Play and Storytelling

The most impactful activities to engage employees are always experiential in nature.  Many of the activities learned in Theater are applicable in business.



Change Insights considers itself a leader in this area.  The field is growing rapidly because of the recognized impact of theater activities in the business world.  We are among the few companies offering improvisation, storytelling and a wide rage of theater games with a professional background in corporate organizational change.  Most (if not all) of our competitors in this space are entertainers who are crossing over into the corporate space. 


Change Insights consultants are not entertainers, we are a professional consulting company that uses  theater  activities to achieve the organizations change, culture and team effectiveness objectives.


Whether to support a change initiative or intended to be a fun teambuilding activity Change Insights is the best at ensuring that the fun and exciting activity is targeted at the organization's learning objective.

Organizational Insights 



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